Hangin' Saddle Ranch offers high quality care and facilities for your horse and its needs with low monthly fees which are inclusive of many features other boarding ranches may choose to nickel and dime. While some boarding ranches offer a low up-front boarding fee on a monthly basis, owners may experience added costs for routine daily needs such as the high quality diet of the horse, fly masks, use of tack and tack storage, round pens, turnout, lit arena, wash bay, regular rotation of horses, and more.


Hangin' Saddle Ranch is happy to provide horse owners with a flat monthly cost for their horse's needs. HSR has long term relationships with our veterinarian, equine dentist and farrier from which horse owners benefit. If floating or pulling of teeth, re-shoeing, or veterinary care is required, owners will be notified.


Horses are provided bran twice weekly, feedings twice daily (a horse doesn't need to be fed more than that) with a choice between high quality hay or relax pellets. Relax pellets are a special high quality recipe of hay, grain, molasses, bran and more for a balanced equine diet. This helps prevent "hay belly." Think of the extra weight people can develop around their mid-sections from not eating a balanced and healthy diet combined with a lack of exercise.


In the summer we recommend a balanced diet of relax pellets and limited taff hay consumption. Taff hay is a high quality hay. Hay digestion produces heat and it's a heavier meal. Heavy meals and exercise don't marry well together. In the Winter, horses may eat more grain because they can benefit from the extra heat and the cooler temperatures are fitting for heavier exercise.


Hangin' Saddle Ranch doesn't recommend supplements to young and middle-age horses.  As your horse enters his golden years, HSR can assist owners in selecting the correct supplements to address senior health and care.


Horse owners can also select if they wish for others to ride and train on their horses. The benefits of this is ongoing training to work the horse, keeping the horse mannered and maintaining muscle tone.


While boarding your horse at Hangin' Saddle Ranch, we are happy to offer horse owners additional services for colt starting and behavior training. If you are thinking of buying a new horse, consult with Glenn Hunter to make sure you dollars are being invested well. Horses aren't all created equal and each has its own personality, temperament and talent in its bloodline.




Planning a trip with your horse?


If you're planning a trip from one coast to another area of the United States, Hangin' Saddle Ranch is a horse and people friendly stop point for horseman who are traveling with horses. The ranch is located convenient to the greater Phoenix, Casa Grande, Tuscon  areas, as well as I-8, I-10,  and loops 101, 202, and 303. Many a traveler headed between the western states to other areas find Hangin' Saddle Ranch the perfect pit stop along the way.  Hangin' Saddle Ranch ranch also offers short-term boarding which includes space to park a horse trailer. Please contact us for more information on short term boarding rates for your horse.




Boarding at HSR


Horse Boarding includes:

• Comfortable, shaded stalls

• Feed

• Water

• Use of wash bay

• Arena turnout

• Use of tack room for storage


What is expected from clients:

• Pay board on time

• Farrier every 6-8 weeks

• Annual vaccination(s)

• Cover veterinary care

   $200/ month per horse


Short Term Boarding is also available


Contact Hangin' Saddle Ranch to discuss boarding


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