Yesterday Glenn decided to give Sonny a day off and take Merlin on trail. They did a great ride and we were able to get video of a good, slow, lazy ride. Veda now owns a horse of her very own but he isn't quite ready yet to leave the ranch as he's been pastured for several months so has picked up a few habits he needs to work through. He's really a nice guy and we expect to see him out soon. And Lewis came out this time, we always enjoy him when he's here. Anyone looking for information about our trail rides can visit or call Glenn 480-734-0062

Posted by Hangin Saddle Ranch on Monday, March 6, 2017

Yesterday when the sun came out and the arena began to dry, a couple of our riders came out to make up the missed lesson(s) during the rain. This is only Avil's 4th ride since she's been coming here and she looks absolutely wonderful on Shady Lady. Very relaxed and confident. Here she is practicing some obstacle challenges and is learning to focus on the challenge instead of on every little move the horse makes. We did have other riders. I had to run errands and wasn't able to get all the videos I'd hoped. For information about riding lessons, trail rides, and our ranch hand program or call Glenn 480-734-0062

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We already posted the still pics of our ride last Sunday. There were so many I thought some of our riders might want to see. Ok here is the video of the same ride so you can see some of the things we saw. Really had a great time. Remember our Sunday Trail Ride Special runs thru the end of February. For more information call Glenn 480-734-0062

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One of the things we really love about this place is the people we get to meet. William and Beth came out for their first ride this week, and what a delightful couple they are. We already look forward to their next time here. Weather was perfect and the desert is beautiful now. Trail rides here are always private and we do take our time. If you're interested in scheduling please feel free to visit or call Glenn 480-734-0062

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Melody, is one of our area's winter residents and has her own horse back home, but loves to ride and called for horse (and horse people) contact. She is not only working on better riding skills but wants to learn how to do her own ground work and address behavior problems when she gets back to her own. She and Glenn are using Merlin to practice learning how to establish respect and to read what the horse is learning. She's doing a wonderful job learning and we are truly enjoying her presence. Does your horse have behavior(s) you need to correct? Glenn can help with that. Visit or call 480-734-0062

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A couple days ago, we posted Zoe performing new exercises during her last lesson. Here Glenn is on Merlin teaching her how to open gates. Merlin hasn't been doing this exercise very long either and it takes both practice and patience to get this one done. While it took several attempts, Zoe stayed with it an remained calm and got through it. Although she wasn't able to complete closing, she did the appropriate step by hanging the loop back on the post. Riding lessons are available for beginning to intermediate riders, and for "kids" of all ages (4 to 64ish). Please feel free to visit or call Glenn 480-734-0062,

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